Are you bored? Grab a board!

First Stoke is a way of life for board riders who have felt the pulse of adrenaline associated with the first drop, turn, aerial, flip, or just the first day engaged with a new passion. We are a grassroots movement that embraces progression, inclusion, and a desire to share our passions, experiences, and ideas with other riders.


Board sports


Looking for a cool adventure?


Look no further. FirstStoke is here to take you away from the grind of everyday life. We’ll teach you how to escape boredom on a surfboard or a snowboard. Why not start out by checking out our videos.


What are board sports?


Board sports are simply sports played or participated in using a board as the primary piece of equipment. The first board sport was surfing and many people first think of a surfer catching a tube or riding a wave when they think of boarding. Surfing originated from Polynesian culture and the first recorded mention of it by a European came on Captain Cook’s visit to Hawaii back in 1778. Lieutenant James King of the Royal Navy, who served onboard Cook’s expedition wrote this about what he saw:


On first seeing this very dangerous diversion I did not conceive it possible…”


The modern sport stemmed from Hawaii, before spreading to the US, Australia, the UK, Southeast Asia and pretty much anywhere else where the coastal conditions make it possible. It’s also become indelibly embedded in popular culture, influencing films, music and fashion.

Surfing HawaiiIn a way, other board sports are adaptations of surfing. Skateboarding emerged in 1950s California, initially as something for surfers to do when the surf wasn’t up. Snowboarding falls somewhere between skiing and skateboarding, and there are numerous other variations, from windsurfing and kitesurfing at sea, to snakeboarding, which is inspired by snowboarding but performed on paved surfaces; or mountainboarding, which involves a sturdier wheeled board and allows the committed rider to board on hills and mountains without the snow.

The one common denominator (beyond the presence of the boards themselves) is the sheer thrill of participating. Board sports involve speed, momentum and the skill of the rider pitted against the elements or environment.

Many boarders, especially those participating in sports such as surfing or snowboarding, say they feel a real affinity with those elements, and with nature itself, when they are boarding. Not everyone experiences boarding in that way but there can be a spiritual element to it for some.


Calm waters

What is First Stoke?


The First Stoke community is for anyone who has experienced their first “stoke” associated with board sports. Once you’ve had it, it’s like an addiction. Every waking moment is spent seeking that next rush.

First Stoke was started in 2006 by a group of lifelong board sports enthusiasts who yearned for an ability to share their experiences, ideas, and passions across a variety of mediums and activities.

In order for First Stoke to grow and thrive, we need to enlist the support of board sport activists everywhere to promote our message and build a community that resonates within our souls. To do so, we need all of you to check us when we fall off, give us love when we rip it, and just be true to the core.