The half-pipe is calling



No matter how you discovered this wonderful sport we affectionately refer to as snowboarding, one thing was thing was for certain, you knew that you had try that! Or maybe you haven’t taken that bold leap yet, but you are seriously considering it. You want to know the experience and that is why you’re there reading this now. Riders new to the sport and veterans a like all have something in common. There is a sense of rebelliousness that is inherent in snowboarding, a spontaneity and feeling of adventure. But before anyone ever gets started on a snowboard, and to be successful as a rider, they must have one single important ingredient, the desire to ride.

Do it for yourself

Many people will try snowboarding because they think that its trendy, their friends all do it and they want to fit in with the right people. Some of these types might succeed due to natural talent and ability. Many more will fail, because one thing is for certain, no matter who you are, and no matter what you ability level, if you are going to snowboard, you will fall, and sometimes it is going to hurt. Those people who want to ride because they think that its cool, will not think that it’s so cool when they fall, and they will quickly retire. If you truly, truly have the desire to want to conquer your demons, your fears of falling, of failing, of sailing down from the mountain top, through the trees, off the rocks, over the table top or the rail, if these things are what you truly desire, then it will not matter if you fall one time, or ten or hundred, because guaranteed you will fall more than that. Then you will get up, and taking in the cool clean mountain air, you will try it again and you will succeed.

Danny Davis

Let’s go!

The first step to mastering snowboarding is to learn its roots. Keep reading for more about the history.