Time to go shopping


Ski shop

The first snowboards, and older equipment, were heavy, primitive, and cumbersome. Equipment now is highly advanced due to a better understanding of the dynamics of the sport. There is a lot of good gear out there that can be picked up at high discount prices during post-season sales, and Ski Swaps. I wouldn’t suggest going out and buying all the equipment right away, unless you’re absolutely sure you want to dedicate yourself that much. The point is this though; you can’t ride a bike with out wheels, and you can’t go snowboarding with out a snowboard. Most resorts and board shops rent gear, so shop around and find the best deals. In order to be successful you do need proper equipment. One thing is almost always certain: groms (someone who is a beginner) will pretty much guaranteed to come to the mountain unprepared! You would be surprised how many people show up in blizzard-like conditions without proper equipment; gloves, goggles, a hat, a nice warm jacket! It is very important to make sure you get to the mountain ready for cold weather. If it gets too warm you can always lose some layers!

Snowboard gear

A complete set of snowboarding gear.


Just right

If you’re going for to rent, the people in the rental shop will be more than helpful on what board, bindings, and boots are right for you. There are a couple general things you should know before you rent, or purchase snowboarding equipment. The board length when it is standing upright should be between your shoulders and your nose, give or take. You can choose between two general types of bindings, strap-in or step-in. Step-in bindings require special boots and are the kind that many resorts offer due to the convenience of not having to strap-in every time. Strap-in bindings are for the most part a little more stable, reliable, and out right old-school. Your boots should be snug, but not too tight! Give your feet a little breathing room. If your boots are too tight your feet will start to hurt badly, if they’re too loose you won’t have the stability you need. Comfortable feet are paramount to having a great snowboarding experience.

Snowboard bindings

Keeping the heat

Once you have your boots, bindings and board all straight, you will need to make sure that you keep yourself warm while in the elements. A hat, goggles, and a nice pair of warm gloves are a necessity. The gloves should be waterproof, as well as a waterproof jacket and pants. Long-johns, sweats, scarf or neck-gator, t-shirts and any other layers underneath to keep warm is also a good idea, but don’t where too much! More than likely you will get warm and need to shed some layers, snowboarding is hard work!

So let’s make a check-list of what we need to get started:
•waterproof pants
•waterproof jacket
•warm waterproof gloves
•warm hat
•scarf or neck-gator
•warm layers underneath

Let’s be real. If you are located on South Beach or Hawaii, buying all this gear is not gonna help you reach your snowboarding dreams anytime soon. That’s why you need to start planning when and where to go snowboarding before you do anything else.