Keeping away from harm


Injured snowboarder

While you are learning to ride it is very important to be aware of what is going on around you. Anyone downhill from you has the right of way. Look out for areas that may be roped off, and pay attention to what all the signs say, they’re there for your benefit and good health. Also, watch out for unmarked obstacles, such as rocks and trees, you don’t want to ding your board up, or yourself. If you have to stop, put a lot of pressure on which ever edge you happen to be riding on at the time. Your edges determine direction and speed, and they are your friend. Another factor to consider is that you are exposed to the sun for long periods of time. Click here to read more.

Avoid looking like a grom

There is no one way to one way to becoming an expert rider. The learning curve is huge, and everyone abilities vary. Some people learn by watching others and trying it out for themselves. Some people learn by hearing specific instructions on techniques. The only way to get better is to get out there and do it. There is etiquette while on the mountain that everyone should know. Things like being aware of your surroundings, the person downhill from you always has the right of way. Avoid snaking, or cutting someone off, while in the park and pipe. Always call your drop, this is to make sure other’s no that you’re taking your turn on the jump, pipe or rail. Simply calling out “DROPPING” will suffice. One thing to remember, its not how many tricks you can do, but how you look when you’re doing them. One trick that looks good is better than ten flails.


Okay, so you’re not a grom?

Prove it. Take a lift up the mountain and we’ll see how you do.