Choosing your time and place

Snowboarding is not quite as accessible of a sport as for example skateboarding, obviously. It’s called snowboarding for a reason. If there is no snow, your board isn’t gonna do you much good. Time and location is essential to get the most out of your session. We’ll help you plan for the best conditions to go out snowboarding so you can avoid going into a snoozefest of a snowboarding trip.

Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain.


Where to go?

Many are not so fortunate to live close to a ski and snowboard resort. If you have a long ways to drive it’s always a good idea to pack as many friends in the car as possible to share the gas costs! Be sure to have a vehicle that can handle snowy road conditions. You’ll need snow tires, 4-wheel drive (or at least front-wheel drive) and always carry chains for you tires! Often schools will organize trips, and get group discounts, to ski resorts. If there isn’t a club like this at your school, start one! Who knows where the nearest resort is in relation to you? If there’s not one close by and you still want to ride, any hill with snow on it will work. You can hike up, or do shuttle runs by driving up as far as you can go and having one person drive back down. It’s always fun to hike a hill with your friends and build kickers, and have fun hanging out and learning together.

Snowboarding no snow

Summer snowboarding is not always a great idea.


When to go?

Although some resorts are open year round, the best time to go would probably be during the winter season, preferably after a big snowfall, with clear skies, known as a blue-bird morning. Those are prime conditions for an epic day. Powder can be difficult to learn in, so the best conditions for a beginner learning to snowboard is late in the season with spring conditions. Spring time at most resorts usually provides sunny conditions, and the snow is fairly soft (so it doesn’t hurt when you fall), which leads to a very important outcome, fun! Powder is the general preferred conditions of many snowboarders, but for the beginner it is a lot of work, and hard packed, cold conditions leave many people hanging up their boots for good. Obviously the weather can be unpredictable and sometimes you don’t really have a choice when you can go, but try to go up the first couple times on a sunny day, it will be much more conducive to your learning experience.

Let’s get going

Next up we’ll teach you how to stay on your feet and how to avoid unnecessary bruising when out snowboarding. Click here.